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Local Flair, Global Appeal

Bundaberg based, delivering world-class design, our vision knows no bounds.

Security Enterprises website in desktop view with the headline The trusted experts in home & business security

Distilled Perfection

Inspired by Bundaberg's finest, we craft web design with precision and care.

Security Enterprises website in desktop view with the headline The trusted experts in home & business security

Above & Beyond

In Bert Hinkler's spirit, we soar to new heights in innovative web design.

Security Enterprises website in desktop view with the headline The trusted experts in home & business security

Is your business struggling to connect with customers online?

Many businesses struggle to bridge the gap between them and their customers online. We're here to change that.Your website isn't just another URL — it's your digital storefront.

  • Stagnant Growth

    Your potential is limitless, but your website is stuck.

  • Outdated Design

    A lackluster site can dim even the brightest of brands.

  • Tech Overwhelm

    Behind the scenes should feel empowering, not intimidating.

  • Brand Mismatch

    Leverage your website to reflect your business' true quality.

  • Stunted Mobile Experience

    Customers are on-the-move. Ensure that your site moves with them.


Don't fret.

Your local design agency, Enlive, can give your website the spark it needs to thrive. We've been crafting bespoke web design in Bundaberg for 20 years, turning local family businesses into online success stories.

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Introducing your Bundaberg Web Designer

Here at Enlive, helping family businesses thrive online is our passion. With a keen understanding of Bundaberg’s business landscape, we offer solutions that bring your brand to life. We believe your website should showcase your brand’s unique story and quality using the most modern web design tools available without cutting corners.

Our Promise: To deliver a user-friendly, conversion-focused website that elevates your brand and entices customers.

Tailored web design solutions

Enlive is a trailblazing agency fusing creativity with strategy. We don’t just build websites; we deliver a comprehensive strategy to create digital experiences that embody your brand, speak to your audience, and drive you toward your goals.

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  • Empower Your Brand

    A compelling online presence that captures and keeps attention.

    A strong online presence transforms brief visits into enduring engagement, fortifying your brand. Superbly branded website design creates a bridge to your audience, cultivating trust and converting transactions into a community of passionate brand advocates.

    Craftsman timber chair furniture man looking after brand with website and brand colours
  • Convert With Confidence

    A website fine-tuned for turning visitors into loyal customers

    You get more than stunning websites with us; we create strategic, conversion-centric platforms. Our blend of design and data compels visitors to transition from casual browsers to loyal customers, confidently growing your business with each purposeful click.

    Woman searching online with graph of 5 start review and rank tracking
  • Mobile Friendly Websites

    A seamless experience, whether on desktop or dancing through pages on mobile

    With our responsive design, your website adapts flawlessly, providing a seamless experience on any device. No matter where you are or what screen you’re using, our designs ensure your site always performs at its best, reaching your audience without missing a beat.

    Responsive website with great experience even in cafe ready to order with bank card
  • Continuous Support

    We've got your back with continuous after-launch support

    At Enlive, situated right in the heart of Bundaberg at “The Laneway,” our commitment to you continues long after your site goes live. Our local presence means we’re always within reach, providing ongoing support to ensure your digital presence thrives uninterrupted.

    Website maintenance and support for a service business that uses appointment booking, need security or changing alt tags

Website design that's stacked with goodness!

Our websites are packed with features, providing plenty of functionality that ensures a top-tier user experience. We weave together the best in design, speed, and interactivity to ensure every visit is a pleasure and leaves a lasting impression.

Website Strategy

Crafting a clear roadmap to highlight your goals, pinpoint your audience, and strategize content for your brand's growth.

Meticulous Design

Meticulously designed architecture & wireframing to ensure a seamless user experience when delivered.

Content Clarity

Engaging content creation that captivates users and boosts your site's discoverability online.

User Friendly Navigation

Effortless navigation that offers your visitors a hassle-free journey through your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Fundamental SEO practices, like meta descriptions and image tags, to enhance your website's search engine presence.

Lightning Fast

Experience blistering speed, providing visitors with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

SSL Certificate

Enhance your website's security with SSL certification, ensuring every visitor's data is protected.

Lead Forms

Convert visitors into leads with streamlined contact forms and easy email sign-ups.

Social Media

Expand your reach with social sharing options and seamless social media connections.


Gain valuable insights into visitor behaviors and website performance with advanced analytics tools.

FAQ's about Website Design in Bundaberg

How long does it take to create a website?

It all boils down to the project’s scope and how much planning is involved. We don’t cut corners and must ensure that all bases have been covered before we start developing. That way you’ll get a website that will stand the test of time. As a guide:

Small websites (1-10 pages) with minimal functionality and simple design could be built in 3-4 weeks.

Medium-sized websites (10-50 pages) with intermediate design complexity and functionality might take 1-3 months.

Large websites (50+ pages) or websites with complex functionality such as e-commerce, custom development, or significant content strategy might take 3-6 months or more.

Can I update the website myself after it's built?

You will receive access to manage essential features like shopping cart orders, booking appointments and making minor edits.

As all content is written with SEO in mind, we prefer to make edits in our maintenance packages, but we will give you access to edit text if required. We just ask you not to screw it up.

What’s included in website maintenance?

Website maintenance typically encompasses regular updates to content and software, security monitoring, performance optimisation, backups, fixing broken links or errors, and ensuring the website complies with the latest web standards and SEO practices.

Maintenance may also involve updating the website’s content to keep it fresh, managing hosting and domain services, and providing technical support to address any issues.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep a website functioning correctly, secure from potential threats, and remain competitive online.

How do you ensure my website will rank on search engines?

There are many factors to consider when ranking a website, from keywords to level of competition and your budget.

We can’t guarantee that your site will rank. However, we will follow SEO best practices to ensure it has the best chance of ranking for your selected keywords based on your budget.

What’s the process for redesigning an existing website?

The short version:

Planning: We decide what needs to be kept or changed, get ideas from users, and plan the site’s layout.

Building: We design the look, construct the site, and test it to make sure it works on all devices.

Launching: After we start the new site, we watch it and keep tweaking it to make it even better.

The long version:

Redesigning an existing website involves a multi-step process that aims to improve the site’s design, functionality, usability, and performance while retaining or enhancing its core identity and values. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the typical process for redesigning a website:

  1. Goal Setting and Strategy Development:
  • Define the goals for the redesign (e.g., improving user experience, updating visual design, increasing conversions).
  • Audit the current website to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Research competitor websites and industry trends.
  1. Stakeholder and User Input:
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders, users, and customers to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Conduct surveys or interviews if necessary to gain insights.
  1. Content Audit and Strategy:
  • Review and evaluate existing content for relevance, accuracy, and engagement.
  • Plan and develop a content strategy for new or updated content, including text, images, and multimedia.
  1. Information Architecture and User Flows:
  • Outline the structure of the new website, including a site map and how different pages will connect and flow from one to another.
  • Redefine user journeys and navigation to improve the overall user experience.
  1. Wireframing and Prototyping:
  • Create wireframes or low-fidelity sketches to outline the key elements and layout of the website.
  • Build interactive prototypes to test and refine the design and user experience.
  1. Design:
  • Design the visual elements, including layout, colour scheme, typography, and imagery that align with the brand identity.
  • Produce high-fidelity mockups or design comps of the new website.
  1. User Experience (UX) Design:
  • Refine the interface design, interactions, and user flow to enhance usability and accessibility.
  1. Development:
  • Code the website, either from scratch or by updating the existing framework, incorporating responsive design to ensure the site works well on all devices.
  • Implement new features, functionality, and integrations as required.
  1. Testing:
  • Test the website for functionality, usability, performance, and compatibility across different browsers and devices.
  • Conduct user testing with real users to identify any issues or areas for improvement.
  1. Feedback and Revisions:
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders and target users on the prototype or development site.
  • Make necessary revisions based on testing and feedback.
  1. Migration:
  • Plan and execute the migration of content, users, databases, etc., if necessary.
  • Ensure all old URLs are properly redirected to new URLs to maintain SEO value and prevent broken links.
  1. Launch:
  • Prepare for launch through final checks and optimisations, such as SEO, performance enhancements, and security checks.
  • Set a launch date and make the new design live on the server.
  1. Post-Launch Monitoring and Optimisation:
  • Monitor the website for any technical issues and user feedback.
  • Use analytics to track website performance against goals and make data-driven optimisations.
  1. Continuous Improvement:
  • Based on analytics and user feedback, continue to iterate on the website, making improvements and updates as necessary.

Throughout each stage of the redesign process, it’s crucial to maintain strong communication and alignment with all parties involved, ensuring that the project stays on track and meets the strategic goals set at the outset.

Don't take our word for it. Take it from our customers.

Captured our essence

Rob's ability to extract information from his clients and then deliver it in a clear, concise message is what sets him apart from other Web Designers. Coupled with his skill in development, his strategic branding knowledge makes him a clear choice for a wide range of Digital Marketing solutions.

Understood our needs

The team at Enlive care, understand and reflect on what the client truly wants. They made our process so much easier!

Absolutely love it!

Your all-inclusive solution is a game-changer. With a complete brand, my business has truly taken off. Your expertise has helped me establish a powerful brand identity and set myself apart from competitors. Thanks to your high-quality work, my business vision is now a reality. I highly recommend your services to anyone starting a new business. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams!

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