Monsoon Aquatics

Bringing the natural wonder of the great barrier reef to the lounge room.


In the hearts and minds of hardcore reefers, the ultimate search for that unique piece of coral—the ultra—is the name of the game. Monsoon Aquatics go to great depths to supply this premium handpicked coral across the world.

They believe in bringing the wonder and beauty of the coral reef to the world so it can be enjoyed, understood and valued. Each specimen is collected or grown for its colour, size, health and beauty.

During the discovery process, we recognised that the brand’s identity didn’t align with their values. Our mission was to position Monsoon Aquatics as the coral supplier that is top of the mind when searching for that unique piece to fill the tank.

Our approach needed to be cohesive and integrate customer touchpoints from coral frag bases right through to an online experience.


To help clarify the brand’s position and who they serve.


We partnered with Monsoon Aquatics to focus their brand strategy. The rebrand of their identity has built credibility and increased brand affinity.


+61 415 373 959
GMT +10

Shop 2, 245 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg West QLD 4670

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