Monsoon Aquatics

Delivering  Australia's Great Barrier Reef to your living room.




Brand Workshop
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Website Design
Apparel Design

Design informed through strategy.

In the hearts and minds of hardcore reefers, the ultimate search for that unique piece of coral—the ultra—is the name of the game. Monsoon Aquatics go to great depths to supply this premium handpicked coral across the world.

They believe in bringing the wonder and beauty of the coral reef to the world so it can be enjoyed, understood and valued. Each specimen is collected or grown for its colour, size, health and beauty.

During the discovery process, we recognised that the brand’s identity didn’t align with their values. Our mission was to position Monsoon Aquatics as the coral supplier that is top of the mind when searching for that unique piece to fill the tank.

Our approach needed to be cohesive and integrate customer touchpoints from coral frag bases right through to an online experience.


To help clarify the brand’s position and who they serve.


We partnered with Monsoon Aquatics to focus their brand strategy. The rebrand of their identity has built credibility and increased brand affinity.

Logo Design

Designed to succeed.

The new logo was designed to be simple to implement across multiple channels. The logo was required to be easily identifiable in small sizes and more complex situations. The clean silhouette is easily recognisable and iconic among government agencies and worldwide coral importers.

Exploring logo concepts.

The new Monsoon Aquatics logo was created to represent their core business — wholesale coral pieces from Australia’s iconic reef — while being adaptable and scalable.

Through the brand strategy process, we identified that each piece of coral is carefully selected and hand-picked from the reef. This led us to merge the coral shape with a hand’s pincer grip.


Typography in use.

The new Monsoon.

Metropolis Light

Metropolis Medium

Metropolis Extra Bold

PackagE & Print

Picked with care.
Packed with love.

Monsoon Aquatics are passionate and love everything they do. Corals are carefully selected from the reef, with attention to detail second to none. The specimen jar labels needed to reflect this.

Printed on a waterproof silver foil, the Monsoon Coral colour shines out from the navy background reflecting the light and providing a premium look.

Creating awareness through eye catching packaging labels.

Our challenge with packaging labels was to bring attention to what was being shipped. If carriers knew they were shipping, we hoped they would take a little more care delivering this precious cargo.

Strict guide lines on shipping fluids meant boxes were fastidiously sealed to prevent water spillage. Labels needed to fit this designated space.

Apparel Design

A uniform designed for ever-changing environments.

When working with water all day long, we had to ensure clothing was quick drying, cool and comfortable for working in tropical conditions.

Dive Shirt

Quick drying and breathable fabric keep workers comfortable in tropical work conditions. With short and long-sleeved options to protect staff from the sun.

Surf Tee

The classic cotton surf tee with an iconic logo and discharge screen-printed designs offers a super soft & relaxed feel. 


Flat peak or curved, the choice of two modern fitted hats keeps the sun off the staffs’ brows.

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